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Donald Mace Williams’ Reconstructions

The late sun lies acrossThe meadow and half-lights the upturnedFaces,…

Ludwig van Beethoven

The Decadent Review is seeking spectacularly written texts of any…

The Decadent Review

A polemic on the poet’s role in the society of the statistical age, and on the western canon’s necessity to our current technological world, a transcription of a lecture given at the Constellations Symposium, at the Technische Universität Dresden.

Dolores Haze Étude

On what inspired Nabokov to write Lolita. By D. Kaufman, from Olaf Nicolai’s “There Is No Place Before Arrival” at Kunsthalle, Vienna.

The Pathology of Impatience

What would compel one to bisect a public literary reading with loud videos that look like a YouTube “mashup”? Let’s jump right in with a scalpel to examine.


A sonnet in response to Maxwell Flaum’s This Week on Randspan: Origins (2014); a play on the short romance of Ayn Rand and Alan Greenspan:"A non-altruistic roll in the hay / Of one (née) Rosenbaum, one future Fed / Rabelais, irrational, laissez-faire / Paraphilic, exuberant: Alan bled..."


A sonnet in response to Maxwell Flaum's The Brief Journal of D. Julius K. Rodman:"A definition from chess: ‘Solus Rex’ / Literally means: ‘Lone King’, to infer / That of Un’s case: Napoleon Complex. / A man really obsessed with Steve Kerr..."


The following sonnet was written as a response to Maxwell Flaum’s essay, The McEnroe Connors Rivalry (a personal tennis Cosmogony):"A racket thrown, expletive deleted / A massacre, graves of ball boys, now slew / The U.S open: Jimmy, defeated /Match isn’t over, they’ll start, anew..."


A sonnet written as a response to Maxwell Flaum's essay, A Few Remarks on Daniel Barenboim as Iago (2014):"Odysseus kissing Ithaca's ground / Barenboim kissing Rattle’s rear / Their journeys end with a sucking sound / Envy of Iago, the madness of Lear."

Wax Poetic #2: Puncuation

I took liberties to molest fine verse, in the spirit of E. E. Cummings. I began by stripping all but a line’s punctuation.

Ad Hoc

Aristotle, Dionysius the Areopagite, Saint Paul, Descartes, Wittgenstein. All non-poets.

There must be a poem here somewhere

Pictures: Pier Paolo Perilli. Words: D. Kaufman.

Combinatorial Sonnets for a Symposium

The combinatorial sonnet sequence by the poet D. Kaufman, originally written for the Constellations Symposium, at the Technische Universität Dresden, is now published here.

A Soupçon – Part I

A soupçon of rather nuanced compositor-cognate antecedents and minutiae on slugs, syllabary, and mensurations as wrested from the June 1915 Poetry printing of Prufrock, consanguine, en route to Harriet, Eliot, Fletcher Seymour, Matrices, Mergenthaler, and Gehl.

Totem and Taboo

As one sensible theory has it, Le Mépris is a cinematic rendition of Homer’s Odyssey, with that Alfa Romeo as the chariot of Zeus, Paul as Odysseus, Camille as Penelope, and Fritz Lang, perhaps, as Homer himself.

“Maybe”, Annotated

What springs to my mind / During this impromptu / Homo sapiens cryptographic rendezvous / Is how Eusebius reported / That Origen Adamantius / Followed Matthew 19:12 / And literally / Castrated himself.

The Slave Ship, Part I

Es ist nicht klar, wo das Meer anfängt und der Himmel aufhört.


How to read Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

“The Angry Combinatorial Pollock”

The combinatorial sonnet sequence by the poet D. Kaufman, originally written as a response to Maxwell Flaum's essay "How to Restore a Pollock to Perfection?" Part of "The Pollock Report - A Mutual Investigation of Replicas in Poem and Prose." (2014).

Behind the Scenes

Shooting Dostoyevsky.

A Combinatorial Sonnet Cycle For the Akademie Schloss Solitude Fellows

The combinatorial sonnet sequence by the poet D. Kaufman as farewell to the Akademie Schloss Solitude (2015).


I am sure that you took the opportunity / And delved into the wonderful clinical nomenclature / Describing all the rogue flesh and conduit vessels.



"Those creative writing buffoons, they publish the thing because it’s the same people who are now taking the same bullshit creative writing courses thing, it’s like the whole thing is this pyramid scheme, this giant Ponzi scheme, and they just publish their shit and then the people who got their shit published just go on and become creative writing teachers."


An Edmund Waller couplet / In a beautifully bound tome.


Why / Why / Did Eleanor Marx / Translate / Madame Bovary.

“Cocktail Chatter on the State of Man”

Should I put some punctuation / Onto the holes your absence left? / Should I declare it theft? / Or better yet: / A short vignette.

Bauhaus Books

Episodes 1-3, an unpublished Bauhaus book has a conversation with an object or an idea from within the book. The slender publication is part artist's project and artist's book and features extensive color images weaving through the featured writings of Olaf Nicolai, Marian Kaiser, and Eva Wilson.

“A Rendition of The Grand Inquisitor” Cinematic Interpretation of Dostoyevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov”

The Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Method for Orthographic Aesthetic Measure

I’m not Irish, and I wasn’t born in the 19th century, but let me tell you something about poetry.

I can’t rhyme right now

Pictures: Pier Paolo Perilli. Words: D. Kaufman.


Written by Marian Kaiser, and co-directed by Claudia Schötz, Hannes Bröcker, and Jonas Loh of MEHL. Director of photography is Emma Rosa Simon, acting by Errol Shaker.


Video installations galore. My cup runneth over.

Extrapolating from that

The artist, publisher, and writer James Hoff talks with media theorist and writer Marian Kaiser.


Phineus is a work by poet D. Kaufman, a Jean-Jacques…

The Catechisms and Hymns of Time: “Aufs Maul geschaut”

An Exhibition at the Akademie der Künste (16th Poetry Festival Berlin); “The divided space is a constellation of disparate elements derived from Martin Luther’s ideas on work, language, and time…”

Short Note on “Love”, A Poem by Aharon Shabtai

Opposite the left on the desk accounting for this scribble is cheap champagne housed in equally cheap receptacle of a Bonne Maman marmalade jar lying betwixt tomes cramming in full every corner a carrel could fit them and such amongst them are the finest authorities worthy of citating.

Verbal Analogies

Sorites Paradox : Meiosis :: Schrödinger's Cat : ?

Problems from Vladimir Nabokov’s “Poems and Problems”

In Speak Memory (p290-291), Nabokov writes of this composition: "I remember one particular problem I had been trying to compose for months. There came a night when I managed at last to express that particular theme. It was meant for the delectation of the expert solver..."

Game from Vladimir Nabokov’s “The Luzhin Defense”

1. Kg4 f5+ 2. Kg5 Kg7 If 2. Kh4 Be7# 3. Nd5 Rh3! 4. gxh3 h6+ 5. Kh4 Bf2#

“Round the Sun-dial” – Jabberwocky in Prose

A studiously cerebral learnéd exordium on transmogrifying the rune of Jabber onto prose.

Additional Material for the Jabberwocky Acolyte

"'Twas bryllyg, and ye slythy toves Did gyre and gymble in ye wabe: All mimsy were ye borogoves; And ye mome raths outgrabe. This curious fragment reads thus in modern characters..."


"Things were going kind of okay reading Dostoyevsky, but then this woman approached me, she must have seen that I was reading Dostoyevsky, and then she told me, you know, how much she likes reading Dostoyevsky too, you know, how much she likes reading Dostoyevsky. And I’m like, okay, fine.."

Proem to Resemblance

There is also function, poetic function, aesthetic function. A measure. A linguistic X-ray of sorts. Mucking around with the nuts and bolts of abstraction.

Thucydides’ “War of the Peloponnesians and the Athenians” (Cambridge/Mynott)

Greece and the Aegean.


I’m spitting miasma There’s a choir of black seraphim Following…

“A Film”

"I mean, sometimes I enjoy watching them."

Commutative Diagrams

So notional they're nearly metaphysical.

Game from “Through the Looking-Glass”

"As the chess-problem…has puzzled some of my readers, it may be well to explain that it is correctly worked out, so far as the moves are concerned..."