Alys Willman

Alys Willman is a poet and singer/songwriter in Athens, Georgia. Poetry and music do not pay the bills, so she is also an international development economist. And just in case money becomes irrelevant one day, she and her partner and two sons manage an urban homestead where they keep bees, raise chickens and grow vegetables. Alys’ poetry has appeared in Rat’s Ass Review, District Lit, Tempered Runes, and Salt Hill Journal, and is forthcoming in Minerva Rising, and Coffin Bell. She has co-published a chapbook with photographer Antonia Levy, Even the Dress is Smoke. Her songs have featured in compilations including the Voces en Pandemia project (2020) and on an album with her band After the Flood (2016) and she is working on a solo album for 2022.