Jill Bronfman

Jill Bronfman is a professor, lawyer, nonprofit worker, and parent. In recent years, her work has been published in Mothers Always Write, Talking Writing, Coffin Bell, Flock, Wanderlust, Quiet Lightning, and a variety of law and technical books and periodicals. Her work has published in Decadent Review, The Halcyone, 82 Review, The Passed Note, Storgy, Verbal, Kallisto Gaia, Main Street Rag, High Desert, Flying Ketchup, Carcosa, Genre: Urban Arts, Ripples in Space, Mothers Always Write, Talking Writing, Coffin Bell Journal, Flock, Wanderlust Journal. She has performed her work in Poets in the Parks and LitQuake and had her story about a middle-aged robot produced as a podcast.