Kate Meyer-Currey

Kate Meyer-Currey was born in 1969 and moved to Devon in 1973. A varied career in frontline settings has fuelled her interest in gritty urbanism, contrasted with a rural upbringing. Her ADHD also instils a sense of ‘other’ in her life and writing. Her works appeared in many publications, including at Not Very Quiet; Whimsical Poet; RavenCageZine,2021; Red Wolf Journal; A River of Poems,; SheSpeaks; Snapdragon; Disquiet Arts; Constellations, Literary North; Poetry and Covid; Noctivagant Press; Handyuncappedpen; Skirting Around; Planisphere HQ; Blue Heron Review; Pure Slush; Quail Bell; Aurora; Seinundwerden; Collateral; Ponder Savant; Odyssey; Bloom, ; Granfalloon; Open Door; Mono; Her Inside: Women in the Lockdown; Poetica Review; Deep Overstock; Hags on Fire. Gloves was also listed in the top 100 of PoetryforGood’ competition.