N.T. Chambers

N.T. Chambers has led an interesting life on the way to becoming a writer. Among many jobs held were: cab driver, bus mechanic, sales drone, pizza deliverer, wine merchant, improv actor, editor, educator, professional counselor, and, of course, every writer’s “go to” job – bartender. Every position helped to stockpile a wealth of experiences from which to cull ideas and characters for both poems and stories. The author’s works have been published in the following magazines and journals: The Inditer, Grassroots, In Parentheses, You Might Need to Hear This, Nine Cloud, The Elevation Room, Wingless Dreamer, Months to Years, W.E.I.R.D, New Note Poetry, Bright Flash Literary Review, Quibble, Indolent Books, Banyan Review, Inlandia. and The Orchards Poetry Journal.