A Model of Rebellion Against Established Power

Girl soccer (ca. 1918), Unknown Photographer (Library of Congress, gift of Herbert A. French)

for my daughter, Kathryn

Elbows in her hands,
she is a radical without
anthological quotations

on the soccer field,
surrounded by all that
running, she looked

her coach in the eyes
& told him of her vision
to play a game with all

the players being friends,
loved, attacking the same
goal. He did nothing,

but smile because she,
of course, was right
& when she began

to chase the parent
with the whistle they all
began to chase that parent

& I have never been
so proud of a child throwing
anything out of the car

while we drove home
than I was of her
when she let loose that slight

metal & the shoe-lace
that once allowed it
to swing so boldly.