A redaction of Samuel Beckett’s Endgame.

Suhrkamp cover (segment) of Beckett’s personal copy used for directing the 1967 Schiller Theater rehearsals of Endgame.

	A     procreator?

	   He exists –– he’ll die                  or 

	      The  end , we’ve come to the end. I don’t need you
                  any  more.

	He goes toward the door. 

	Leave me the gaff. 
			       The gaff goes toward the door
			       , for a better place to   Pause.

        I’ll leave. 
                        You go…

			    There is nothing to say. 

	A few words…

		Yes. (Pause. Forcibly.)  Yes! (Pause.)   in  the 
		        end , shadows , all the trouble , then

	     (Pause.)   Then , in the end : he said…


			A few words…


			: (fixed gaze , tonelessly , towards auditorium) they said to me

			            That’s love. Yes yes, not a doubt , –––– articulate! 

		How easy is that friendship? No question, you’ve found it. They
			   said to me , stop , raise your head and look 

	          :    you    for    oil   for   your     lamp 
		        and      get        out      to      hell 

			(Pause.)           You know what
		of darkness. 
			           (feebly)    I hadn’t any. 
			           (as before)  Yes, you had. 
		Pause. Clov casts up his eyes, brandishes fists. He loses
		balance, clutches on to the ladder. He starts to get down, halts.
				I’ll never   understand
                                               I    always                   obey 
					      you. Can   you   explain

						You won’t find it. 
					  You           won’t find it.
		             In search of the telescope.          I’m tired. 

			      The chair :                     am I 
						      right in
						    the centre?

	You’d need     a microscope 
                               to                       find               time .
	    (angrily)                    hands to
				 his head.         Pause. 

	              , hastens on             the head
			         violently                with the 
		pain killer. 

			      Yes. 	Quick! 

		No more. 
		You’ll never get any
		pain. Now it’s empty. 

					The alarm-clock.

	(soft).     (Pause. In a scream.) 
			 Stands on the floor
				  with its face to     wall 

		, What 
		           are      you    doing? 

	Winding up. 		     Look––earth! 

		      Since it’s calling

	Is your throat  (Pause.) 




			,	humming   ,  window  right , before  it 

		looks  up  at      it . 
	How    can          it         end? 
				                 to  end? 

		I   want  to sing . 


	steps      about    time . 
				    I   wonder  if  I’m 
				                               The   Dead 

		.        Life goes 
			            , a rug ,  no more rugs.

		Kiss me.
	Pause.  Will you not kiss me? 

			The forehead. 



	  Me  ––––        your hand  at least. (Pause.)


			  (head bowed, absently)    right. 

		to door ,     kill   that  right.  (Exit. Pause.)      to   play . 

	   unfold  it , spread out   before      (Pause.)     You   weep ,  and 

	       weep, for nothing .  so not  to laugh ,  little by little …
		       You begin    to grieve. 
					      I   might           have    your 
			                  head ,               on earth
		  		     there’s                no cure 
                                                                               for love –––

				     yourself !            (Pause. Calmer.)

	   (Pause. Violently.)
	   All, all that! (Pause.) Not even   real.     The end is the beginning
	   yet you go on .      (Pause.)       Perhaps    I        have  an instant 
	                          of happiness ?   My knowledge. 

		under the window. 
		the light on my face. 
		Do you remember, in 
				          the beginning  , when you took me 
						             for the earth? 

	(Angrily.)   But there’s no light   there!  The other ! 
		    (Clov pushes  toward  window  left.) The Earth! 
		             (Clov stops     tilts back      his   head     .)  

			  That’s light! 
			                    (Pause.) No? 



			Am I very white?   (Pause. Angrily.)  I’m asking you   –––––

	Open the window.
		    I want to hear   the sea. 

	You wouldn’t hear it. 


		   .                   (Pause.)


			.    off 

		(to Nagg). 

			           (clasping hands 
			            , closing Our Father 

			Silence! In silence!  		off 
		(prayer. Silence.    Abandoning)

	What hope! 
	                        The    bastard    doesn’t    exist  ! 

		There are no    natural   truths . 

	no        (Pause.)      Turkish 

	     is        nothing   in       return 
 				for            time    
	(Pause.)  Did you call 
	in the dark? No. We 
	cry. 		Then we sleep    in peace . 


		   I hope the   day   will listen 
	  to                             you 
	      , hear                   my         voice
		    any           voice   .  (Pause.) 

	I  hope I’ll  live    tiny   ,   frightened 
	 , hope     .             (Pause.)

	           (Pause.                  He knocks    louder . 

	Pause.                Louder.)


	(Narrative      tone.)
	Look at me 
		      , don’t look at me .       Drop 

	 and  presume .      (Pause.)     

	The final   (Pause. Forcibly.)
	       the object of invasion?          (Pause.) 
		 A bright , glorious day 
	, I remember the sun sinking into the ____ down 
	, among the dead. (tone.)       (Narrative tone.) 

	               Come , come on , present  your labours . 
	 (Pause.)         (tone.)            English   well . . . (Narrative 
	tone . )            the plunge .  my little one   tests , a little 
	bad . My         little boy ,    as if sex mattered . did he come
	         He          the hole .    a good   half    soul and the child
	–––assuming  he existed.  I inquired beyond the sinner. Good. 

	     And you
	                  alone , and alive 
		      into the howling dead
	 pines and              (Pause. Normal tone.)
	 feeble , that.          (Pause. Narrative tone.) 

	Speak   up ,   what 
			       is it you want from me
	, I have bread for                 his brat. Bread? 
		                Good.                                 perhaps
	                                       (Pause .  Normal tone . )
	(Narrative tone.) A pound
	                                        , a pound and a half ––
	––if he’s still alive––
			        a nice pot and a half 
			       full of nourishment. Good. 

	The colours  come back –– perhaps. And then? 

		He halts. 

	What a brain!     (Pause.)   Well ? 
	Wait!                  (He meditates.)  Yes…
	(More convinced.)                        Yes! 
	Set   the   alarm.  Pause. 

	You whistle
                              me.        I don’t     come. 

	      The         alarm      rings . 
                                                          It doesn’t ring. I’m dead.
		(Pause. Impatiently.)   The  alarm ,    is it working? 
	It’s worked too much.
				It’s hardly worked at all. 

	     I’ll go        and see .  (Exit Clov. Brief ring of alarm . Enter Clov

					alarm. They listen to it ringing to the end.) 
	     Wake the dead! 
		                    The end is terrific! 

			I prefer
			the middle. 
		      It’s time for my story. Do you want to listen to my story. 
			goes to bins, raises the lid   , stoops ,  looks into it . 

	He straightens up. 
	Asleep. 	      Wake. 

	             Nagg with the alarm Unintelligible   story. 

		 A bon-bon     wants     a sugar plum . 
		 You’re       not        I .

	You won’t be         any        more . 
	         the creatures     ,  explained to them
					       with gaff.
	                                       up   like a punt-pole
				, down         the gaff.  
				     The        castors. 

	What (violently.)    that   bloody  awful day , long ago
	, taught me.     If they don’t    mean   any  more, teach me
	, others.            Let     me    be    silent.      Pause. 

			  I     once     a       madman    thought the end 
		                    was a painter ––– I had   a  great fondness
			        for him. I used       to go     and see him, in 
			        the     rising   sails       the   herring fleet! 
			        All           loveliness! (Pause.) He’d snatch 
				away                    into        ashes   . (Pause.)

	He alone had been spared. (Pause.) Forgotten. (Pause.) 
	The                 case        is .   .   .       you weren’t 
		in   the         land             of the living  . God        be 

	Pause.            (Pause.       again.)   He was  a painter––and engraver. 

		I’ll leave.
			  Never.                  down in a hole. (Pause.)
	beyond             the Ponoma!        (Ecstatically.)   Ceres!  (Pause.) Perhaps

		very far.
		very far.     I’ll leave you. 




		lack.              an     (Exit.) 

	we’re            holding       a       toy 

	    are        here. 

	          He’s white, isn’t he?
	          Nearly? Is he white or isn’t he?
		      He isn’t. 


			You’ve forgotten the sex.
	    (vexed.)       The sex goes on at the end.

	                              His ribbon         isn’t


	I  don’t know.  

			Fail ,  let it go.           fall on

	(impatiently.)    Well? 
	(with ardour).   Let’s go
				  the two of us! South! 

	                          the currents will carry us away
			  far away to   ,  God    forbid! 

	I’ll embark alone! 
		                I’ll be gone forever.

	(hastening towards door.) I’ll start straight away. 


	(halt.)   Think?               I don’t know. 
	There                            there will be. 



	My pain-killer? 

	Your eyes? 
	But you can see?
	All I want.
	Your legs?
		     I come   …   and go. 

	In my house (Pause. Prophetic relish.)    One    day 
	    , like me.     You’ll be     the   void    , in the dark 
	      you’ll say to yourself   , I’m   tired ,  I’ll sit down
	      you’ll say   , I’m hungry   ,   I’ll get up  
		But you won’t get up and you won’t eat. (Pause.)

	         You’ll look      then you’ll   say ,  a little sleep , after that
		                    And when you open  (Pause.)    Infinite emptiness

			                will  be      resurrected   dead     ages 
				    would        grit     the     middle   steppe. (Pause.) 

	 Yes,    one   day           you’ll   know        you’ll . . .
Clov:         (looking). 

		    And now? 

				All gone.