Energy Equals Mock Craft Flared

UFO from FLIR footage (colorized), from the United States Navy

Floating blocks of mind at rest within rapidly moving bubbles
designing as if from a loss
something like economics incarnate
weightless fields repeating
floating tulips upon Einstein’s unbroken
theories bubbling to pop
new ones. As words tunneling up to our one voice speaking to itself
in a foreign accent split into I see these things all the time
until I realize it’s those darn floaters dancing around in my eye
mocking me like primed memories. I’ve never even been to

walking back from Gape God with my friend across the bridge
after dinner, a large V-shaped object suddenly appeared in the sky
hovering in fog over the marsh without so much as a flicker. Its bulb
shone differently. Creating a space without burning,
it was bright like a flare somehow contained.
I was scared but part of me wanted to make love to it. For a second,
it seemed to spread. Then in less time than it took to disappear—
it was gone. Soundlessly. Screaming, we ran back to the house
where my mother suggested we call the airport.
No reports. Someone else said something
repeating in loud echoes
like sperm whales to know where the prey is.
I heard the military used to bomb the old battleship in the bay
for target practice. (Explanations do target practice on themselves.)
That was the explanation that whispered us to sleep that night,
though my friend and I never believed it. What we believe
everything starts from scaffolds
floating massive stone blocks or humans moved with minds
through tunnels of now pick up your dead self and c’mon.