Tangle Blue Lake, Trinity Alps

Premiere Promenade, Man Ray

red-bellied trout flinker through the shallice
shallow shadow lattice flished with algae

gnats congluster by the marshy margins
i will not write the poem where i falter

at the ridgeline/ in silence i scragg my knees
towards the alter/ towards language wisapearing

in the pines/ cag tongue before drinking from the chalice
no malice as we blumber through these scree fields

those haze-days above the treeline when the work is done
(i do not blame the net for its holes)

i was not meant to snapture minnows
or snap every glimmer

but heatjune cannot lingerback/
lick pages for its taste

scribblage the trout slick and fat
i only reelsnatch what i can eat