Madrigals of War and Love

Some lines of this poem were taken from Claudio Monteverdi’s Book 8 of madrigals, Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi, 1638.

Page from Madrigals book 8, Claudio Monteverdi

              Ah! Contender for a contested territory
The weight of my gear sours coursing norepinephrine
              Organs twisting with the pulse
                     You waken death in my heart, give life to my song

              Contender: pardon not the body, which fears nothing, but the soul
Frenzy amped into crushing cunts in houses squares schoolyards
       Boots forced through the viscous

A torpor afterward, that unfathomable life-weariness
                     Heaven, earth, and wind fall silent

Nights, contender, we grieve all our conquests
       Die from a desire for the victory

We don’t await catharsis, just the next patrol into territory of uncompensated delirium

A thousand times I die and a thousand I am born ∎