Reality Reflecting / Reflecting Reality

Metaphysical Still Life, Giorgio Morandi

I. Reality Reflecting

Streetlights working together to flood 
these streets projecting from slipping 
neurological moves necking pièces de résistance
in haze: our we glosses excitement in imagination 
looking to see sometimes not islands causing
knowledge catching a glow how paths of Colossi
reflect breaking                                layers of time 
within, if cameras can gaze beyond our appears to be
without peeking, then we can see factors at distances
coming out sometimes these days to see selections
swimming in lamps for bowls trying to see offshore 
pages writing beyond I wolf down might Memnon
on an almost after caught disappearing reflections 
melting the can't landscape processing ourselves 
vapor of we catch directions skiing
some factory of wanting a follow 
where winds feel out timelines howling
me again melting on Alps of mind.

II. Reflecting Reality

Projecting so fast

almost breaking our necks 
in an effort to follow the path 
with the naked eye

looking back at ourselves 
frozen in time. Melting 
the Colossi of Memnon. 
Me again moving it 
with our mind. This feeling 

excitement as we move forward 
melting free from time when speed 
doesn't kill you. Stopping does. 

Once in the Alps by the woods 
on a snowy evening
I saw a wolf changing directions 
without slowing down 

we know things are not 
only as they seem. Imagine 
the imagination animal 

in the wolf snow flight 
snow was wolf. We are        
disappearing snow glosses 
caused by pages of mind 
combining factors
coming back from ourselves, 
             the wind 

catching a color of sometimes
we see what we want to see. Us? 
Projected consciousness. 
What else? Appears sometimes 

other than it is. We see 
with our brains. So sometimes 
we see brain. Not the landscape. 
Can't be neurological overload 
if caught by camera catching us 
catching reflections of streetlights' 
power lines swaying in the wind. 

Looks like a sunset 
from the shores of wherever we are 
might look 

sodium vapor street lamp 
on a small offshore island 
where we heard some timeline 
had a wish processing factory.