Red Wolf Tones

Adriaen Pietersz van de Venne; Damian Brenninkmeyer: “The Dutch word ‘bot’ (meaning blunt), which implies both as ‘blunt’ (in the case of knives and scissors) or as ‘stupid’, dull-minded (in the case of people), while ‘Geweldige’ means ‘great’ so here we have a scene of ‘great foolishness/bluntness’.”

Due to forces beyond our control
idiots will be in charge.
All idiots please report to duty.
Monday morning if possible
or whenever you feel like it. If you remember
nodding off in class, saliva on the desk,
don’t try it again, you hear?

So where were we?
With idiots, remember?
Except I tire of that
except I want to ride
to the buffalo home and skies not mackerel all day.

Peat dome, we said.
Every peat dome, or most, have a lagg.
And sometimes bog men forced to pray.