Spontaneous Synchronization

Patent diagram for a damage-resistant mechanical metronome (US3486323A), Frederick Franz

According to Kuramoto, and his
mathematical model, it is not just
possible, but likely, definite even,
that every individual oscillator, intrinsic
in natural frequency, will conform
to a unison of regularities, a dense
abundance of recurrences, a thickness,
a tightness, a solidity of impenetrable consistency.
The big closeness.
Two metronomes, for example, ticking independently
on a platform upon a pair of wheels, over time,
will soon tick like the tread of well-trained soldiers.

It is the natural occurrence of things.

So, when you wake to the pulsing pendulum of perpetuation,
caught in the module of dawn’s blue light,
ask yourself: Are you the metronome,
the platform,
or the wheels?
Or, if existence permits,
are you the watcher, eyes fixed
on the firm twitching
of the oscillating
metronome, pupils switching
left and right,
right and left?