Tapioca Verdigris

Members of the Jansenist sect having convulsions and spasms as a result of religious fanaticism, B. Picart

sado-lyrical     theory-scented     self-troweling     fleur de lis-adjacent     
null-spurting     sieve-lipped     reverse-mimetic     ear-jerked     spool-kissing
post-amniotic     meme-grubbing     scuttle-tongued     hydro-coiffed     
pseudo-phobic     anal-inventive     smudge-friendly     retro-Hegelian     clitoral-remiss     
poon-befuddled     lisp-hording     narco-omniscient     aspic-induced
Ur-tumescent     bonbon-fitted     psycho-linguistic     near-fetched     d’etre-scented

(Enter the narrator with a diabolical pompadour. He speaks.)

“Keep the observer out of the description, 
             for as we know                                                                                                                 
                           what roses remain 
                                        have nothing left to do                                                    
                                                      with toothless frostweed’s bitter love.”
proven insufficient     now absorbing lubricants
supine with synecdoche
random iotas     culpable pie
“Would someone vulcanize my forte, ‘ere the magpies billow?”

(The narrator seems to be proposing a “false consciousness reach-around” in a two car garage)

“Withdraw upon your melancholy wings. 
             Ignore the distinctive crybaby haunting of
                                                                                 red ghosts drinking names 
through incisions in memory.”         

anecdotal lipstick     gulping fall guy
                                       verb-mitered          damp impertinence
                                                    diagnosis retro-fitted elastic horn-rimmed nostalgia
or maiden voyage torso laminator steeped in god terms
                                                                                             fluent lozenge guzzler incubate ennui
homunculus flambe’ sheathed in falsehoods                                   her nest feathered
                                                                                             astride carousel daydreams
                                                                                thrice-bestirred goo clinic
bullfrog praxis thermidor infarction 
                                                     fuse latent                                homecoming downwards
                                        bullet point follicle cream interloper
                                                                   dollar signs for eyes
             kidney-limping ecclesiastical puff                                               matrilineal 
                                        signifying urchin nodes
                                                                                Sadie Hawkins freeze frame sobriety check 
                                                                                faux touch knee bends up
                                                     (faun may dread real arrows)
                         dazed myth     brain-slaughter
                                                                                           seaside spa      “spite-lickings”


(The narrator sings with lute accompaniment)

“O she’s a pheromoaner
a regret-bubble saboteur
a permeable self-box laminator
refusing pillow talk”

(He pauses, dreamy-eyed, awaits applause that never comes. Then he points a finger directly at the reader.)

“Though I be mantis-eyed and aberrant, these tithe-sniffers I’ll no longer abide!
Uncoddled flux redeemer, pivot now!
(Why does this broth taste disdainful?)
Don’t you know the rose has withered?  Don’t you know
             December frostweed
                          forms ice flowers 
                                       replacing summer blooms?” 

the stuttering nights     too late     the sexual filibustering moon pouring talcum in the wine      too 
late     the séance-audits and amnesiac nuptial swooning     the regretful nacre in silver thimbles     
the slipknot orthodoxy and commodified pangs     too late     too late     the lacquered sincerity 
and practiced “catch” in the voice     the entropic similes crooned over car radios     the fatalism 
by candlelight     the lilac whips     the Keatsian sigh     the hormonal eclipse and emotional neap 
tide with its swash zone of dream rinds and lost car keys     too late     too late     too late 

(The narrator wishes to distract you with rhetorical flagellation.)
(Isn’t that what you wanted? Isn’t that why you came?)

“Existential peepshow flunky with your Lenten stalagmite fantasies, cease your arrhythmia!
Quell your dipodal longings. Cast aside your lyrical pining.
             Fetch me some squid-finesse!     
                          Sniff intimate fractals.     
                                        These wanton lacunae on freckled mattresses were my idea . . .
                                                      as was 
                                                                    THE TAPIOCA VERDIGRIS!”    

cramp-flavored     candy-itching     mire-infused     rhizome-smitten     strangler-ready     
Naugahyde-friendly     vibro-fellatial     congenitally-rose-malingering     micro-Platonic      
inter-axial     hanky-turvy     kiss-proof     faery-orbed     counter-truculent      
margarine-besmirched     omni-distant     porridge-begetting    quasi-orgasmic     
auto-phallic      Uber mensch-besotted     trans-gelatinous     infra-Pentecostal
hyper-mammalian     toadying-soft-palette-logjam-gobbing     proto-spasm

(The narrator raises an eyebrow and offers the reader a spoon.)