The Man Who Fell to Earth in Dayton

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Area B, Building 18, Power Plant Laboratory Complex

Maybe an ET mind-melded with a USAF colonel
and, to prove he could handle himself, disappeared.

Maybe some five-year-old boys are such good liars
that they finally believe their own lies. Nevertheless,

Project Blue Book was headquartered at Wright-Patt
in Fairborn. Honestly, who can say what they were

keeping from us? It’s conjecture since their secrets
are mysteries the Air Force buried. Most of which

are still classified. Hidden with all the other secrets
of Building 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Leave it at: I saw something like an extraterrestrial:
a bug-eyed, mouthless head-on-a-body spaceman.

Then, I was 5 years old and dreamed of monsters
in Kettering, Ohio—not that far from Fairborn.

Whatever the case, something sashayed around
my bedroom. I woke and turned and saw what

froze me—it communicated without words; it
left in a dissolve makes me distrust Memory.

I saw what I saw. I couldn’t put a name to it.
Sixty years later, I can’t sleep for dreaming.