Trilling, trilling: Idolores

Ulysses and the Sirens (aka Mermaids), Christopher Wood

       God made her trilling
   thighs two pageantstrides of pungent
             marble he must’ve
         been thinking o so
   insensible thoughts andhow
            i take her
        knobby boybody composed of two flatiron
      breasts in sweet distress
       of petalbone and press
  my lips to those
                          theogonies of mushflesh
(those tender isopods of interlinking
squealinglove that form a fist of fiveknuckled
       in the throbbingdark of mostthrust and must
                        hips hearken hark and
    trillingly anyway
        I am so eeek
                         and squallinglyexposed
     yes her (soppysoft and succulent
       fourfanged proboscis BITES and –
     this extension of squirming
       suction cup crashed
              jammed and shifts into growling gear)
       plunges and
              spans a pulsing orifice of pink filth
       this tensile trench of slumhovel
              shovelemotive and amorous thrushbuckle
       breaks awl loveydovey down he
              sinks his teeth in and
         hookedswallow hocks a coronated clotkiss
     thinks o
                  god how i
                                 adore you