Dialogue from: “Open a Window (…She Urinates)”

A new play by, Ben to Yale School of Drama, 5 *****

Rousse also called Toilet, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

“Hello, sheltering crowd — !
Hello, those pierced by speak-shot — !
WHO’s the New New Testament Today ?
WHAT’S the weirdly limping news
in the unmeasured kingdoms of dumbness
? Eh, WHEN, eh, WHERE ? —Eh, what, when, where, WHY!?!
eh, eh, eh — what-ho ! — HO HO HO !!!! “

(she urinates…out the — you guessed it…onto a paper printed news story,
blowing in the gutter…sound of horses hooves clattering on the cobblestones :
SCENE : fade to black …)

At the Belasco Theatre.
5 *s.
Where are you eating after?