Tehran Being

By Mohammad-Ali Sepanlou, translated by Danial Haghighi.

Oudlajan Bazaar, Tehran

      …  But the Tehran being is 
contingent upon many invisible beings.
Varieties of solitude are histories of this land; 
An attic of occult affairs’ verity
A distillation of the crowd’s extract—an heirloom of four species of us
A bundle of newfangled intellectual fruits 
An orchestra of aspiration-and-famine melody
The fine music of a thousand-string instrument
With a touch of neuroticism.
An ivory tower with four eyes
across every eight corners of the universe
 that is the surveilling observant of the most remote precincts:
From here, 
                    mountainous Alborz heights—the dragon jail—
 to there, 
                  earthquake likelihood—the faun’s notions—  
terrain memories figured into his daydreams.
Having placed a mirror facing the sun,
while blinking
through millions of sharp eyes,
saucers  translate rainbow messages of the skies: 	
 “Single, every single citizen,
under the smoky air
singing the lost love song;
lo, genial sky-wearer   
 it is the downhearted’s comfort zone.”
                          It’s a Tehran of irreducible people”, the sun blinks.
The jovial being of this megalopolis
sprung from a collective free will. ∎